Cinnamon bark has been used for several thousand years in traditional eastern and western systems of health care, for such purposes as poor appetite and transient digestive discomforts such as bloating, indigestion and gas, as well as supporting healthy blood glucose levels already within normal ranges. Genceutic naturals cinnamon uses certified organic sources of cinnamon, naturally containing a full spectrum of active polyphenol compounds including methylhydroxy chaconne polymer (MHCP), cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, trans-cinnamic acid and d-limonene. As with traditional use, modern research has also demonstrated that cinnamon is effective in supporting healthy blood glucose levels already within normal ranges. Modern research has also shown other benefits associated with cinnamon supplementation. This includes promoting healthy cardiovascular function as demonstrated by cinnamon’s support for healthy triglycerides, ldl cholesterol, total cholesterol and blood pressure levels already within normal ranges. Finally, research has shown that people experienced a significant alteration in body composition, as demonstrated by a body fat decreased by 0.7%, and a muscle mass increase of 1.1%. Such alterations in body composition should only be attempted as part of a complete program of diet and exercise. An early research report suggested that methyl-hydroxyl-chaconne polymer (or MHCP) was responsible for the bioactivity of cinnamon. However, scientists have more recently concluded that water soluble polyphenol polymers found in cinnamon – in particular procyanidin type-a polymers – are in fact the components responsible for its characteristic, beneficial effects.

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